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Welcome to Qwick! This is a website of Top 5s I’m making and soon I’ll have top 10s. I have a couple of Top 5s on the right to show examples of my work. Currently, I’m working on the following below. The second mention will not be a Top 5 but more like an order of 8 separate albums.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Top 5 Movies in the 1990s.

90s Super Groups

If you have any ideas for a Top 5 or perhaps a slideshow as our second mention is concerned, reach out to me on Twitter at RobbeeWrite.


Top 5 NES RPG's

Qwick counts down the Top 5 RPG games for the NES! This contains vids.

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Arnold True Lies

Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies in the 90s

Qwick counts down the Top 5 movies with Arnie!

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