4. Eraser (1996)

"You've just been erased."

From Movies Fan

Just 2 years after the movie Junior, which was a flop, Schwarzenegger got back in the saddle with Eraser. Arnie plays U.S. Marshal John 'The Eraser' Kruger is assigned to protect Lee Cullen (played by singer/actress Vanessa Williams).

Eraser surely upstaged many action movies that came before it with an outrageous airplane scene where a parachute bag flies out, and Arnie, facing heavy gunfire, jumps out of the plane to get it. He also has to deal with the plane coming back to attempt to hit him on his way down.

Not just that, but Arnie has a gunfight with rogue marshals in a zoo aquarium, and the crocodiles get free due to flying bullets breaking the glass. Did I also mention ray guns?

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