Slash’s SnakePit

Slash's Snakepit


This band began in 1994 with Slash, Gilby Clarke, and Matt Sorum of Guns & Roses, Alice in Chains’ bassist Mike Inez, and Jellyfish singer Eric Dover. They were active in 1994-95 and again in 1998-2002. Slash and the gang released two albums, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere and Ain’t Life Grand. Shortly before the release of their first album, Inez and Sorum left the group and were replaced by James LoMenzo and Brian Tichy, respectively. (Sorum joined the Neurotic Outsiders.)

Slash’s Snakepit toured with AC/DC in 2000 & 2001, in the band’s final year, they toured with Billy Idol. Slash’s Snakepit did follow the hard rock vein, but they also mixed Blues & Southern Rock to their music. After the breakup of Slash’s Snakepit, Slash, along with Matt Sorum & Guns N Roses’ bassist Duff McKagen, formed Velvet Revolver with STP singer Scott Weiland.

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