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This band began in 1994 when Dave Grohl wanted to continue with music after Kurt Cobain’s suicide and the end of Nirvana. It began as a one-man project with Dave Grohl doing vocals, guitars, bass, and drums for their self-titled album in 1995. It spun five hits including “This is a Call,” “I’ll Stick Around,” and the Mentos candy parody, “Big Me.” After the album’s release, Grohl recruited Pat Smear (previously of The Germs and a touring member of Nirvana) and a bassist & drummer to tour and appear in videos.

With the second album, The Color and the Shape, Grohl, Smear, and the two other musicians were included in the recording process instead of Grohl doing it all himself. The drummer quit during the process and Grohl took over at drums for the rest of the recording.

As of April 2017, Foo Fighters are still playing with eight studio albums with their signature silly music videos. In June 2015, at a show in Sweden, Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg. Despite this, he finished the show.

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