Retro Baseball Love

Posted: February 3, 2019 by Robbie

Retro Baseball Love is a fansite about Classic Baseball Video Games from the 80s to 2004. This site is a WordPress theme using the XtremlySocial Flat BootStrap theme, making it favorable for WordPress Developers.

The XtremlySocial WordPress themes were created by Tim Nicholson. They come in four different forms, with Retro Baseball Love using the Flat BootStrap Theme XtremlySocial has to offer.

Changes I made

The Flat BootStrap Theme does not display just like Retro Baseball Love’s layout does. I changed the background to lime green. I also changed the font to ‘Press Start 2P,’ to make the font appear close to an NES video game.

Websites I’ve Made: (Blog made by me, WP theme too) (Retro Baseball Love)

WishesNetwork (WP theme made by me)

About / Contact

Robert Thomas

I’m Robert “Robbie” Thomas, I’m a Front-End Web Developer & WordPress Theme Developer. I also have done some programming with SQL and Microsoft Excel. I have studied mainly through TreeHouse. I’m based in Sterling Heights/Detroit.

I can be contacted via email at If you have a mail client, you can click on the button below: